N4 - Auto Feed Stud Welding System.

N4 INVERTER — Stud welding unit with DSP technology.


N4 Stud welding unit: One device for any type of welding task.


• Inverter technology (primary switched mode power supply)


• Welding current range 200A - 1800A


• Up to 60 welds/min (depending on the welding task)


• Standard polarity or reverse polarity for up to 5 feeder and/or welding tools.


• Customer-specific interfaces to robot/transfer line (Parallel

 Interface, InterBusS, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, ProfiBus, ProfiNet)


• Suitable for all common welding applications in the automotive industry

– Stud welding

– Nut welding



New control concept: The use of a serial bus system facilitates the linear connection of system components (feeder with welding tools). This makes it possible to design the welding machine independent of the number of components connected.


New - Power Save Mode - reduces power consumption when not in use.


New -  Increased Power - 10% more output power.


New - Fast Ethernet - 10 times faster transfer (100 Mbits/sec) 


New - Weld Impedence Control - Warning when maximum welding circuit resistance is exceeded.


New - Increased Storage Capacity for program extensions.


New - International Standard Enclosure - Service friendly design gives improved accessibility.


New - VGA Control Panel - Control is effected via a removable graphics control panel by means of which it is possible to program the N4 and to view the process data. The control unit has VGA resolution and colour display running Windows CE.®


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